Our goal here at Cherryacre Labradors is to breed English style Labradors that are not only attractive, but have the working ability to be an "all-purpose" retriever that can be versatile enough to enjoy hunting, obedience, agility and conformation, or simply to be a family's best friend and most reliable companion.
First and foremost we start with sound temperaments, OFA certified hips, elbows and hearts, Optigen eye ratings, annual CERF/OFA certification for eyes, and EIC and HNPK testing.  We can then look for a good stud dog that also has these clearances and qualities to enhance and improve upon, and try to produce puppies with the best of all qualities.

Our girls are raised indoors as members of the family, and their puppies will be highly socialized with people, children, and other four legged friends before they are ready for their new homes at eight weeks of age.  We are located in Southeast Michigan on 7 acres of gorgeous property, not too far from the expressways.  We are a small hobby breeder, with approximately 2-3 litters planned a year.  We work closely with other established experienced breeders in the area to provide the highest quality Labrador puppies. 

We only breed when we want to keep a puppy or puppies for ourselves.  We always get first choice in any litter.  We evaluate the puppies at about 7 weeks and decide which ones are show quality and which ones are companion dogs to be sold as pets.  The differences between the two are extremely subtle and would not be detected by the general public.  Our litters tend to be very consistent in quality and temperament and we look for just the slightest differences in conformation that help us differentiate between the show dog and the companion dog.  The temperament in our litters is very consistent from one puppy to another and we seldom find a big difference in their personalities.  Once the evaluation is done we then keep our picks from that litter.  The companion pups are sold to those who want a puppy as a part of their family and never want to breed or show or sometimes to a buyer who is looking for a dog to show in obedience or agility or one of the other performance events.  These puppies are sold on an AKC Limited Registration which means they cannot be shown in the conformation ring or bred.  They can however be shown in obedience, rally, agility and other performance events should their owners choose to do so.

All of our puppies will leave having been wormed multiple times, had their first vaccination and been micro-chipped using an AVID chip!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (information is on the contact page)!


Please read this process before filling out the questionnaire:  

Wait-lists for puppies will be started once a pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound, and your name will be added to the wait-list for a particular litter listed you request after a questionnaire is received.  Once the litter arrives I contact families within a few days and advise availability based on the color and sex available in order the questionnaires were received.  If I have a puppy of the color and sex you want then at that time a deposit would be required to hold the puppy for you and please note there are no 1st, 2nd or 3rd picks as I often keep at least 1-2 puppies from each litter and then place puppies with families based on their questionnaires.  Puppies can go to their new forever homes at 8 weeks of age, and leave having been wormed multiple times, having first vaccination, come micro-chipped with an AVID chip (and prepaid registration).  I also supply a puppy folder with lots of information about the puppy, and a copy of parents clearances, contract, bill of sale and other important information.  We register the puppy through the AKC which I pay for and send in for you, and I supply you with a goodie bag with starter food, lots of toys, treats and a book!   

Chocolate puppies arrived May 31st, 2024!  We welcomed 4 boys and 2 girls from Charli and Oscar, but currently have no availability from this litter. These puppies will be ready for their new forever homes the end of July!  If for some reason a puppy becomes available, you can fill out and return my questionnaire just in case to be considered for a puppy!  

Thank you!

Charli & Oscar Puppies at 1 week old!

Charli & Oscar puppies at almost 3 weeks old!  Getting Big!

Dam (Cherryacre's Good Time Charli) - Charli